What We've Done

Halesworth Portas Town Team

Halesworth Portas Town Team

The Halesworth Portas Town Team is pleased to announce that it has now completed the Waveney District Council Service Level Agreement signed in 2012 as part of the grant allocation awarded for the Portas Project. During the time of the project, regular reports were sent to WDC and in September 2014 the final report and financial accounts were passed to WDC for scrutiny. On 22nd December, following full and thorough scrutiny of the report and supporting accounts, WDC issued a report which confirmed that HPTT had successfully carried out its remit of allocating and spending the £10,000 grant allocated towards increasing footfall in the town.

The team would like to thank all those businesses and individuals who so selflessly gave their time, goods and services to assisting the Portas project.

You can download the Portas Project closure documents by clicking on the links below.

141222 Halesworth Town Team review

Annex A Halesworth Town Team proposal £10k Sept 2012

Annex B Halesworth Portas Service Level Agreement

Annex C HBVP Financial Statement year to April 2013

Annex D HBVP Financial Statement extract year to April 2014

Annex E Portas expenditure Dec 2012 – Mar 2014

Annex F Halesworth progress report for March 2013

Annex G Halesworth progress report for September 2013

Annex H Halesworth final report for March 2014

Annex I HPTT Payment procedure

The Old Print Works

A derelict building brought back into use

Working with Halesworth Portas Town Team, Halesworth & Blyth Valley Partnership signed a lease agreement with Mark Liell & Son to renovate and manage The Old Print Works to increase footfall into the Thoroughfare and Market Place. Also assisted in the administration of the demolition of an adjacent derelict building to provide car parking spaces.

Gig in the Park

Very popular and successful event held in the Town Park

The Gig in the Park was a succesfful event held in the Town Park. The Halesworth and Blyth Valley Partnership provided insurance for the events from 2003 -2007. Unfortunatley, it can no longer continue due to the high cost.

Cycle Track

National Cycle Route 1

Sal Jenkinson wrote ‘ Pretty good progress since the Partnership kicked it all off, you got others thinking it was a good project for locals to support, and that has paid dividends’. The Halesworth and Blyth Valley Partnership encouraged the Halesworth Millennium Green Group and suggested ways to increase their funding. HMG had to raise £20K to enable them to receive a grant of £200K. Halesworth Town Council contributed £5K, Adnams £2314, Portas £1250, Henry Smith Charity£5K, Tony Goldson Locality Budget and HBVP £500. This is a much used local facility.


Successful grant application to the Henry Smith Charity

Chris Reeve successfully applied for grant of £2000 to the Henry Smith Charity on behalf of HBVP. This was transferred to the Halesworth Town Council.

Grant - Bus Shelter

HBVP successfully applied to Adnams for £1000. This was transferred to Halesworth Town Council.

HBVP successfully  applied to Adnams for £1000. This was transferred to Halesworth Town Council.

Grant - Halesworth Millennium Green

The largest Millennium Green in the country

Purchased though a bridging Loan of £22K. The Halesworth Millennium Green is the largest in the country. The Halesworth Millennium Green has a very active group who care for and manage the green. A great deal of observational work is carried out and a superb profile of the flora and fauna of the area is being built up.

Grant - Jubilee

Grant and £250 for Jubilee Pyrotechnics

Grant requested and £250.00 given to Doug Mizon who arranged the Pyrotechnic display for the Jubillee on the Millennium Green


From an old hempworks to Miles Ward Court

The Halesworth and Blyth Valley Partnership facilitated the purchase of the hempworks in Halesworth through £20K loans. This transformed the site and is now know as Miles Ward Court. It has a number of units and a meeting room.


Grant requested and £500.00 given for Blyth Valley Tourist Leaflet.

Grant requested and £500.00 given for Blyth Valley Tourist Leaflet.

What We're Doing

What We Hope To Do

Community Facilities

Bringing more facilities to Halesworth and the Blyth Valley

The Halesworth and Blyth Valley Partnership have expressed an interest in a building on London Road to Waveney Council.